Podcast Suggestions

Energy & Climate Change

Local Energy Rules

Shares powerful stories of successful local renewable energy and exposing the policy and practical barriers to its expansion. This podcast series features ILSR Senior Researcher John Farrell as he interviews leaders in local renewable energy development, people who have struggled to create community energy projects and change policy to make them easier.

Energy Policy Now

Energy Policy Now offers clear talk on the policy issues that define our relationship to energy and its impact on society and the environment. The series is produced by the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy at the University of Pennsylvania and hosted by energy journalist Andy Stone.

A Matter of Degrees

“A Matter of Degrees” helps listeners understand the climate story in a deeper way. It explores the reality of climate denial and delay, the solutions that are available today, and why justice and equity are so central to the fight.

Planning & Governance

APA Podcast

From affordable housing to disaster recovery, from climate resilience to autonomous vehicles, APA's podcast delves into a wide array of urban planning topics with deep curiosity, expert analysis, and affecting, true-life stories.

Building Local Power

Institute for Local Self-Reliance works to break the chains of monopoly power in all sectors of the economy. From challenging incumbent cable monopolies in order to promote better Internet connectivity to pointing out how Amazon pushes local retailers out of the market, researchers develop positive policy prescriptions to improve local economies.


GovLove is a podcast about the people, policies, and profession of local government. Their goal is to tell informative and unique stories about the work being done at the local level.


Academics of PA

Academics of PA focuses on the individuals and research that comprise the field of public administration. We explore the background and motivations of senior scholars and their writing and research process all while having a little fun! It’s like a regularly scheduled happy hour at a conference.